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GSC is only usable on your own website as to gather data you have to prove ownership of a website through a verification process. It is therefore not suitable for checking the backlinks and authority of competitors. That can be done through a selection of free and premium tools. Moz Open Site Explorer. SEO software company Moz have a free version of their backlink checker available here: Moz Open Site Explorer. Simply enter any URL and it will come back with a full listing of backlinks pointing at that URL. As well as the Backlink, Moz Open Site Explorer gives additional metric scores such as Domain authority, Page authority and Spam score. While not officially recognised, this Moz data is a fairly good indication of whether a backlink gives your website a boost on SERPS Search Engine Ranking Pages or may negatively affect your position because Google thinks you are trying to game the algorithm with spammy, low quality links.
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But keeping track of your websites backlink portfolio can be a difficult task. Luckily, tracking your backlinks can be made easy with a backlink checker. There are a number of backlink checkers available online, however, some are naturally more accurate than others. Regardless of the tools you end up choosing, monitoring your sites backlinks and acquiring more should be a continuous effort with your SEO Strategy, as backlinks are a major ranking factor for search engine results, especially on Google. While StatCounter can provide you with detailed analytics on how much traffic your site is acquiring and how those users are interacting on your site, youll need to utilize a backlink checker to monitor inbound links. Search Engine Optimization Training Tips. Most Sought After SEO Services. What to Look for When Hiring an SEO Consultant. Follow vs Nofollow Backlinks. Backlinks are any hyperlinks on another, external website that send users to your website. In other words, if another website adds a link to your own site from theirs, youll have acquired a backlink.
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This tool is only usable to keep up with links on your site, so sadly, no peeking at your competition. We know, we know. Spying is fun. HoweverGoogle, Search Console is still a resource thats crucial to your blog and websites development. Using GSC, you can get your data straight from the source. Hello again, Google. Its been a while. And by a while, we mean probably about 33 seconds. If youre looking for a marketing tool that provides a vast pool of info about any URL, SEMrush is probably your jam. It also shows any backlinks that point to whatever site youre looking at, whether yours or a competitor. You can track several competitor sites at once and obtain complete info about the links you find. SEMrush, unfortunately, doesnt offer much for a free account, so you have to pay. We promise though; its one of the best if you can afford it. If you cant afford it, dont beat yourself up. While the program is next level, the price tag can be a hindrance. Keep reading, there are plenty more options! This backlink checker is free as well and provides tons of information that youll find useful.
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But for its existing features, SEMrush has a massive database that is updated daily, enabling you to accurately check and monitor your sites backlink profile. Apart from checking your own links, you can also use SEMrush to check your competitors links to see ways you can beat them on the SERPs. To analyze any websites backlinks, visit SEMrush homepage.: Enter the domain name you want to analyze and hit the enter button. In my case, I entered Once the page loads, click on the backlinks tab on the left side of the page to see his backlinks profile.: Here, youll see all the backlinks pointing to this blog. You can also decide to see all the links, only the follow links, or nofollow links. And if you see any toxic or bad backlinks, clicking on the big plus sign will put it to your disavow list. Interestingly, the tool also allows you to track multiple competitor websites at once and get inclusive information about their links. To do this, click on the blue add competitors button.: You can add up to four competing domains, and then click on the search button.:
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Free BL checker which shows up to 1000 link s brings back memories of the now defunct Yahoo Site Explorer. Detailed Backlink Information includes your total unique back-links divided by dedicated ip addresses and subnets, total inbound links divided by; number of home page links, no-follows and text links.
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List of Free Backlink Checker Tools. Semrush is a good tool to analyze many aspects of your blog, here you can come to know search engine traffic, position changes, check backlinks of your blog. Along with this the site offers keyword research, advertising research, list of AdSense publishers on your blog etc. Semrushs domain vs domain tool comes handy that let you compare your competitor blogs with your blog. Open Site Explorer. Open site explorer by MOZ explains domain and page metrics, here you can check domain authority, page authority and linking root domains. Paid MOZ subscribers can also come to know facebook shares, likes, tweets and google s of the blog. With open site explorer you can compare your blog with 5 other competitor blogs and make further changes to improve your blog. ahref is the best backlink checker tool, it provides the in-depth backlink report including total backlinks of your blog both dofollow and nofollow and referring domains.
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Which Is the Best Backlink Checker Tool? by Mark Traphagen on December 31st, 2015 1 minute read. How Good Are Backlink Tools at Finding Links? Recently we tested the three most popular backlink checking toolsMoz Open Site Explorer, Majestic, and ahrefsto see how many links to a web page each actually showed. You can see the full study methodology and results in this post: Backlinking Tools May Not Be As Comprehensive As You Think. The infographic below summarizes the main findings of the study. Use the social share buttons above to share this.
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Whatever SEO tasks you have ahead, Moz Pro has a solution to help you achieve success. Grow a quality link profile to gain traction, attention, and traffic. Boost your odds of ranking well: Increase the number of high-quality links pointing to your website and decrease the spammy ones. To do so, analyze your link profile and competitive standing with the industry's' most trusted link metrics. Build site authority and rankings with Link Explorer. Link Explorer Get Free Link Data. Start with a detailed link profile analysis.
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Backlink Checker cognitiveSEO Backlink Checker And Site Explorer. This tool has a free version for 14 days trial and paid version as well. The free version provides up to 25 Backlinks for each report. Paid version also may vary based on their plan. Backlink Checker 10: Nightwatchs backlink tracker of the next generation is exceptionally good at segmentation. Besides fast backlink updates, intuitive interface and outstanding visualization option it allows you to filter and segment backlinks by a variety of characteristics, enabling smart notifications about backlink changes. Backlink Checker 11: This tool is completely free. You can generate up to 2500, backlinks per report. Just you have to pass CAPTCHA verification. One more thing is the site available in German Language only. Backlink Checker 12: Indexicon. Indexicon is a free tool. Per report it provides up to 16000, backlinks for a day. If you need to export backlink list in CSV format, you can get it within a few hours via email. Backlink Checker 13: Linkbird. This is a paid tool. Though it has a free trial of 14 days. The paid version costs 79.90 Euro per month. Backlink Checker 14: Linkody.
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Skip to content. Open source guides. Connect with others. GitHub Stars program. In this repository All GitHub. No suggested jump to results. In this repository All GitHub. In this repository All GitHub. Sign in Sign up. siteexplorer / Backlink-Checker. A simple websiteSite Explorer based on Backlink API, writed by C/PHP.
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A good place to start is to take a look at Google Webmaster Tools, which allows you to download a list of inbound links that Google has for you. They do not always have the most up-to-date history, so using a different backlink checker can be useful to get the full picture. Free Backlink Profile Checkers. Backlink Watch Free. Since this option is free, it does take a while for the backlinks to pop up. It will only check your first thousand backlinks, so if you have a larger profile, youll have to find another way to see all the backlinks. The search has to be complete before you can search the tabs, but for a preliminary report youll find everything you need here: the URL of the page with the link to your site, the anchor text of the link, and a few other metrics such as Pagerank, and OBL, which stands for outbound links. Once the report ends, you can click on All External Backlinks to see all the sites pointing to your site.

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