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Well, if you are an iOS user upset about the previous tool, we have one for you too! Integrity Checker is a free Mac desktop application for backlink checking. It is very easy to use and install and is an amazing app for checking broken backlinks. It works flawlessly with small and large websites without slowing down. Alongside internal and external links, it also checks for broken images. It can find broken links from the comment forms as well. Moreover, you can export the reports in pdf format. However, it is for Mac users only and is not accessible in any other device. Also, it takes time to complete the report after inspecting the broken links. In this article, we have discussed the Top free broken backlink checker tools that are available in the market. Above all, these dead link checker tools are fast, easy to use, installable, and free of cost.
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For each site, I took 1000 do-follow links from unique domains. Once a report was completed, I used URL Profilers Link Analysis tool to crawl every link and see how many of the links retrieved in each report were actually live. In total, we crawled 10000, links across 10 sites reported by each backlink checker, to verify if the links were live or dead. And thats it! It was a simple, straightforward experiment. Now, I know what you are waiting for. So what happened? Here is a screenshot that shows the accuracy of each backlink checker.: After crawling 10000, links reported by each tool. Ahrefs had 829/10000, dead links. MOZ had 1761/10000, dead links. Majestic had 1729/10000, dead links. SEMrush had 1927/10000, dead links. Ahrefs is the clear winner and provided the most actual, live links by a margin of nearly ten whole percentage points. Thats a much higher differential than what I expected. Not only that, but they provided the most accurate report for each individual website. Here is the breakdown of dead links per domain.:
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In this section lets look at how you can capitalize here and generate some wonderful backlinks for your site. Creating And Preparing Your Wikipedia Account. Anyone can create a Wikipedia account it is 100% free. Just click on Create Account in the top right corner of the site.: Once you have created your account I recommend going into the Wikipedia article youve found and adding citations, cleaning up dead links and using other peoples sites and content. Feel free to use my blog to update articles contact me if you do.
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Two types of tools are great for finding broken backlinks Google Search Console, and a backlink checker such as Moz. In Search Console, youll want to review your top 404 errors and it will prioritize the top errors by broken backlinks. What to do.: After identifying your top pages with backlinks that are dead, 301 redirect these to the best pages.
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Authenticating your WordPress site with Google Webmaster Tools is the best way to understand how your site is perceived by Google. When Google encounters broken links on your site, aka crawl errors, youll be notified through the Webmaster Tools dashboard. Google made a number of improvements to their Webmaster Tools last year to make error messages more understandable. W3C Link Checker.
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All you need to do is enter your website URL or domain and check the number of broken links instantly. You can even filter and sort the list for prioritizing the fixing process before it could impact the site SEO. This tool also lets you view dead pages and reinstate them to suitable options to get better with your rankings. Schedule broken link checking monthly, weekly, or even daily to ensure steady website links. You can also compare different checking results to track the improvements and efficiency of this tool. If you want to save time, you can outsource the tasks to a freelancer and share CSV reports generated in seconds. Some freelancers on Fiverr can research the broken links for you and do outreach as well. SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing cloud-based software that offers many things, including broken links. Broken links are available under the site audits. Dead Link Checker. DeadLinkChecker is an online tool that has an option to check the whole website or a single page.
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Here, feel free to copy and paste what I used.: I need ongoing Scrapebox work done. In a nutshell, I need a Scrapebox expert that can generate a large list of URLs based on the search operators I give them. Pull down a large scrape for the search operators I provide you i.e keyword intitleresources, keyword inurl: links, etc. Use the Scrapebox broken link checker Addon to find which of those scraped domains are linking out to dead resources.
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Quelle: Website Checker. Google Search Console setzt eine Anmeldung voraus, gehört aber ohnehin zur Pflichtausstattung für jede Unternehmenswebsite, die auf ein gutes Google-Ranking angewiesen ist. Vorteil ist hier auch die logische Verknüpfung mit Google Analytics. Die Ergebnisse zu Broken Links sind im Menü Abdeckung zu finden. Die schiere Masse an Features der Search Console ist jedoch für Ungeübte mitunter irritierend. Quelle: Google Search Console. Broken-Link-Checker-Plugins werden gerne von benutzt. Dieses hier ist weitgehend auf Deutsch, hält Suchmaschinen davon ab, Broken Links zu folgen, und lässt den Anwender Broken Links direkt auf der Plugin-Seite bearbeiten. Quelle: Broken Link Checker für WordPress. Der Backlink Checker von Majestic ist ein von Nutzern hoch gelobter Spezialist ebenfalls in Deutsch für Backlinks, der seine Fähigkeiten schon in der Gratisversion, allerdings erst nach Registrierung und Verifizierung der Domain ausspielt. Ein aktueller Vergleich von Backlink-Checkern gibt diesem Tool zwar nicht den ersten Platz, aber es schneidet respektabel ab. Fazit: Nutzen Sie Links für Ihre Suchmaschinenoptimierung statt sich über Broken Links zu ärgern! SEO mit Links ist nach wie vor eine absolut lohnende Strategie für das Online-Marketing.
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Designed for agency use, it can be fully customized with your branding and logo. You can also integrate AgencyAnalytics with over 40 other platforms. Create custom dashboards and KPIs. Used by over 3500, marketing agencies. Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Ahrefs offers a free version of their premium backlink checker on the website that you can use without any sign-up or login. The Ahrefs web crawler has identified over 16.31 trillion known links and is considered to be the best backlink database in the industry. New data is updated every 15 minutes, and you can easily upgrade to their paid service for more extensive features. View charts of backlink growth or decline. Monitor domain and page-level metrics. The best backlink database in the industry. Backlinktest is a free backlink checker that is hosted on a German site but is easy to translate in Google Chrome. Backlink queries could take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to process depending upon the complexity of the target URL. In addition to link source, you can also view additional quality factors and easily export the results for later reference. Data pulled from their own extensive link database. Additional tools such as a dead link checker.
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Degrees By State. 10 Fast Tools for Building Broken Backlinks and Marketing Broke Backlink Content. Tweet This Share This Share This Pin This Subscribe. Fixing broken backlinks is one of the best ways to raise a sites profile in our race for search engine optimization. Thats because Google, Bing, and other smaller search engines actually penalize sites with content that hosts dead links, while they reward sites with content that hosts links alive and well-connected to similar sites thriving with user activity.
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Track website positions by keywords. Website Backlink Tracker. Track backlinks you have built or found. Sitechecker SEO Extension. Google Chrome extension for fast on-page SEO checks. We'll' check your website's' health while you are reading an article. Check Find critical errors. Broken Link Checker. Check website for broken or dead links. Upgrade your account to crawl this domain. Explore What Broken Links Are and How to Find Fix Them. Jan 19, 2018. broken link checker tool manual. As you know broken links can make a negative impact on your websites rankings. Websites broken link checker is modified to help you find such internal and external links. The process is easy: enter URL you want to check, press Start, get report and correct them immediately. Our free online tool will.:

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